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Cedar City Title Loan

Pawn, Sell, Buy, Trade

Why is a pawn a good option for borrowing money?

Getting a pawn/collateral or auto title loan is fast and easy. Simply bring in your item & within a matter of a few minutes you can have cash in hand.

  • No Credit check required
  • Your loan is based on the value of your item, not your credit history.
  • No payment is due for 30 days.
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You have several options when you bring your item into World Class Pawn: Pawn, Sell or Trade. What is the difference you ask?
Well, if you have some items that you don’t use or want anymore then bring them in and sell them for cash or trade for something else you like.
If you just need cash but still want your items, just grab a short term loan and you have the option to buy back your item.

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